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Your girlfriend sings beautifully. You’re lucky to have her lol. Very nice! :)

endKmusic responds:

Thanks for the compliment FM, I know I am. :)


TSRBand responds:

Thanks for listening! Happy you liked it \m/

I seriously love this! 5/5 stars. I’m curious, what do you personally consider to be your best piece of work? I would love to hear it! :D

Very nice. I love the drums. The only issue I have with this is how you panned certain things in an unusual way that makes the song sound unbalanced between my left and right head phone. Usually I expect the kick drum and bass to be pretty much in the center. Here you have them both panned pretty far left. And the cymbals seem to be panned too far right. So the left channel to me seems way too bass heavy in comparison to the right. It makes me feel almost like one of my ears is stopped up somehow. Other than that, this sounds very professional and is a very good remix of the melody and chord progression in my opinion. Good job! :)

So simple, and yet filled with so much potential. This is a really good tune. Newgrounds' Remix Competition is going on right now here in 2018 (NGRMC) https://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1434657/1, and here I am wishing that this was the tune that we are supposed to remix, because it's really good with sooooo much potential.

Good job way back in 2010, lol. :)

Your sense (or knowledge or whatever you want to call it) of melody and harmony is just amazing to me. This song is a great example of how you are able to portray emotion so extremely well with your music, which to me is the main goal and purpose of music. Your music is a big source of inspiration to me to learn as much as I can about music harmony and composition so that I can produce music as equally emotional and amazing.

And I seriously wish I had your piano-playing skills. I'm terrible at forcing myself to practice regularly, lol. This song is simply amazing. 'Great job' doesn't begin to do it justice. 5/5 stars! Keep up the awesome work, LSD!

Oh, and I'm curious, what VST/plugin/sampler are you using for the violin?

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I've always felt that my three main strenghts when it comes to composing, are my melodies, chords and the emotions I try to portray. You pretty much caught on to all of them, so thank you for that!
The arranging, playing and mixing are all things I've learned more slowly (and am still trying to improve beyond where I am now).

It means a lot if my music can inspire someone like you, as you already make great music yourself!

As for the piano playing skills, trained classical musicians are still faaar beyond my level. But to get where I got, I don't practice as much as I simply do my best to play the compositions that I love (from movies, games and whatnot). Naturally, I improvise and make my own music too. I recommend trying to have as fun as you can with the piano!!!

Thank you for the very encouraging review, as well as for the ever continuing support :3

The violin is the Joshua Bell Violin, by Embertone, and is honestly my best VST instrument.

Finally!!! I've been waiting this whole contest to see what you could come up with LSD, and this just blew me away! It's so beautiful, so melodic, so perfect as far as you can get with working with pre-recorded samples, I think.

When you make it as a movie/game music producer don't forget me because I know you will get there if that is what you want. It's my goal to get there one day too! :)

10/10. You and BlueOceans are on the album for sure, if not the winners of A.I.M. Just my opinion. :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Awesome dude, thanks a ton! It means a lot :D
You made a pretty cool piece for the competition yourself! I (LSD) am a big fan of ambient/atmospheric music (which applies to the eerie kind too).

That'd be the dream, I suppose! It's so fun to score ideas, art, movies and games. I maaay be working on making some music for a game of some sort right now, who knows ;)
I don't think I'll easily forget someone that's as nice as you. I'm looking forward to seeing where you'll end up with your music as well!

Once again, thanks for all the praise ^___^

I really enjoyed this, I added it to my favorites. I'm just curious, how long did it take you to make this awesome song? It sounds incredible. :)

endKmusic responds:

Thanks for the comment! <3
Checked the project right now - 30h (including mastering].
I had a whole section which I didn't include, thought it would be too much. (There's always a part in my projects that didn't make it, ehrm)

This is super amazing, seriously. Seriously, amazingly superb. 5000/5 stars

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thank you for the compliments, I'm happy you like the piece :DD

Amazing! You, sir, are very good at what you do. I hope to one day make music as good as this. So I guess you could say you are my hero. Great job! :)

Mattashi responds:

Thank you! and I'm sure you can make music like me, maybe even better :) just experiment a lot and keep on making songs.

Amateur music arranger/producer since 2013. Video game, cinematic, trance, DnB, ambient, and experimental are genres I produce these days.

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