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Man, you are an AMAZING music artist. I hope you never give up making music, because I love your music, and you keep getting better and better at it. I look forward to your future songs, because I know they will probably blow me away just as this song has.

GREAT job!! :)

johnfn responds:

Thank you! :)

I enjoyed it. Good job. :)

I love this! Congratulations on making the front-page. That's not overrated! :)

A 2-second loop that is number 3 right now on the currently most popular songs of NG. Man, I'm impressed!

Conal responds:

That's common for brand new tracks, because it hasn't been online long enough to get a general voting audience. It will soon sink.
I did some blog about my ratings & how it doesn't really mean anything. http://conal.newgrounds.com/news/post/885460

Also, I made this loop for flash animators.

Another awesome song. What do you use to generate the rhythm guitar in this song? It sounds great.

Awesome. I like this version a lot more. In the original, I kind of thought that the lead melody was a bit harsh and stood out too much, but in this version it sounds great and it all fits together perfectly. Great job!

Hey man, this is really good, probably my favorite song I've heard from you so far. It's great that you can channel your negative emotions into creating something that is beautiful and creative. I enjoyed this very much, and I hope things don't get you down too much!

rainheart666787 responds:

Nah im good, life is life you cant change it only live it. I find when my emotions are highest is when my creativity peaks. Thank you for the review and i hope to make more life this soon.

Dude, this song is awesome! Epic and emotionally stirring. Great job!

One question though: You don't do the mastering on your own songs? I'm new to music production (I use GarageBand), and I was just wondering what was your actual workflow for creating a song like this? Is it all VST's or do you have actual live recordings of instruments? Thanks!

nmarnson responds:


Regarding mastering, no i dont do it. I really just don't how. I just know that when i send it to this guy, he does things that i dont know how to do, and it sounds way better. I'll hopefully learn as time goes on.

As for instruments, everything is samples, East West to be specific. Hollywood Strings, HLWD Brass, stormdrum 2, symphonic orchestra. I definitely hope to get more adept at adding real recordings as i get better, especially for solo instruments, like that cello in the begining.

Sounds really good so far. :)

Acidicfriend responds:

thank you :D

Cool! But dude, how can you forget that you know how to play guitar? Your life must be really crazy and busy for something like that to happen!

Barzoom responds:

Haha, it's an exaggeration really. I just haven't been seriously playing it for a couple of years now. :P

Amateur music arranger/producer since 2013. Video game, cinematic, trance, DnB, ambient, and experimental are genres I produce these days.

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