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I know you can't believe it, but yes, I actually took the time to read the piece of paper that is at 5:15. Actually, I happened to pause it at that moment to get my cat out from behind my monitor since she just hopped up there at that time, and then I noticed what was written. Funny coincidence. Outstanding quality and awesome short film. I loved it.

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I really enjoyed this. The spinning mechanic with the movement to avoid the spikes was actually very fun. It kind of reminds me of the game "VVVVVV." The only things I would have liked to have seen in this game are some different colors/graphics for different areas of the game, and also some music would have added to it. Short but fun. :)

chrishughes2d responds:

Thanks HelpThePoor. Funny you say that. The soundtrack was the coolest part of this game, but when I uploaded the game I forgot the music was dynamically loaded so it didn't make it to newgrounds. I'll submit an update with this fix once it has passed initial judgment (assuming it passes). You can check out the game with soundtrack at www.spinsp.in.

Thank for the feedback. I appreciate it. VVVVVV was a huge inspiration for this game, in terms of the tone (twitch controls + grapjocs + music).

You guys did a great job with this game. I love the artwork and music. The wall-jump mechanic was great too, and it worked fine for me. I think some people may have had trouble wall-jumping because they pressed the arrow key and actually moved away from the wall slightly before hitting the jump button.

It really had a great atmosphere and was enjoyable to play. In a way it reminds me of both Fez and Cave Story. Could these two games have been an influence for you? Anyway, great job! I rate it 4.5/5 rather than a solid 5 because I just wish it was longer. You should definitely consider making a sequel for this. :D

Raiyumi responds:

Thanks! Cavestory and Fez indeed have a bit of influence in this. Also, it's in our plans to work on this more in the future. :)

Very fun and challenging game. I like the graphics - it's simple but very interesting. Good music too. You did a great job in the very short time you had. The only thing wrong with it is that occasionally if I jumped onto the corner of a block, my guy would freeze in place like he was stuck and would not move until I made the blocks disappear. It seems like maybe a bug in the collision detection system, I'm not sure. Very fun though, I like it! :)

whuop responds:

I'm very glad you liked it! Yep the corner thing is a bug that we didn't have time to resolve. Luckily theres the reset button! Will fix that bug somewhere in the near future.

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One of my favorites in the AIM contest this year. I really enjoyed this, good job! :)

FelixZophar responds:

Thanks a lot! :D

Really good! I only wish the percussion cut through the mix a bit more in the last half. You have an awesome buildup with the choir and the strings towards the end but it sounds like the percussion gets lost in that buildup. They should add to that buildup as well in my opinion but they don’t seem to do that here. Other than that it sounds amazing. Great job! :)

AceMantra responds:

Hey, thanks for the review! Yeah I agree, the drums do get drowned out a bit. I'll keep that in mind for next time. :)

I really love the solo instrument that starts playing at about 0:39. You have a lot of reverb and it makes that solo instrument sound amazing! But when the pad is introduced at about 0:56 with all that reverb added to the pad as well, the reverb is slightly overwhelming and kind of hides the pad. Then when the piano comes in at about 1:13 the reverb really hides the piano and the piano sounds lost in your mix. I would like to be able to hear that piano a little more clearly. Then the whole last half of the song is completely lost in a huge wash of reverb to where the instruments are just drowning in it and it’s all way too clouded. A large amount of reverb sounds great on one maybe two instruments if there is a lot of space between moments of being played (if you play short instances and allow breaks for the listener to hear the reverb decay for some time before introducing more notes) but when you have several instruments playing and no breaks for the effect of the reverb to decay a bit then it becomes a large clouded wash of sound. My suggestion is to use the reverb more sparingly when you have a lot more going on instrumentally. Maybe use some automation to dial down the reverb as more instruments are introduced and where there is a lot more going on. Also try using less or different amounts of reverb on each instrument. Otherwise I love what you are trying to do and I really love that solo instrument with all that reverb when it plays solo. Keep it up! ;)

SplatterDash responds:

I listened back a couple of times, and yeah, I get the point of reverb in the second half. With the pad, I wanted it to kinda stay hidden and support the main solo instrument, but with the piano I was worried about it coming out because I felt like it wasn't so much of a well-written piano part. Still, I think I can make use of the wet/dry knob of the reverb the next time I do something like this - the reason why I used a lot of reverb was to a) make it sound a little realistic, and b) make it sound huge, especially considering this was being done using the maximum amount of channels in any Live Lite file, which is 8 (although it kinda failed me on that end). But still, the more I listen to the second half the more I agree with you that less is more. Thank you for the advice!

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This is really awesome! Congratulations!

gatekid3 responds:

Thank youu

Looks really good. I'm pretty new at pixel art too, and I'm finding that fire and explosion animations are pretty difficult to get to look right if you have little experience. But you did a good job here, I think. Keep it up. :)

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! This was my second attempt at fire (if you count the first version as a first attempt) I was kind've surprised. Explosions would be harder for me. I'm getting the hang of this and working hard at it, studying and improving. I'm fascinated with it as of late, I used to really suck at regular drawing (still do) but yet I'm better with this. Thank you :)

Well, your pixel art beats my pixel art for sure. It would probably take me a week to try to make something this good. :)

I've arranged and produced music in my spare time since 2013. I hope to produce soundtracks for video games and movies full time one day. I’m open for collabs right now so if you need some music feel free to message me. :)

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