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I like this song, but it just seems to me like it's missing something to make it a complete song. I would like to have heard a bass line as well as more prominent drums come in to give the song more energy. There are many areas in this song where it feels like it is about to build up to something, but then it never really does. So I give you 3 stars for now because it feels to me like the song is incomplete, but I think you are off to a good start. But then, a lot of my songs on NG are not completely finished either...

Sounds nice and smooth. I'm really new to music creation, but to me this sounds pretty professional. I like how the synths ease in and out, giving the whole song a nice flowing texture. It does feel just a bit repetitive to me, but I know that is usually a common quality in electronic ambient/house songs, so that's not necessarily bad.

If you make songs in the future that are near this level of quality, I would say that you definitely deserve to be scouted, and I have a feeling you will. Good job!

Alph4TG responds:

Thanks a bunch, man! More tracks are definitely in the making! As for the "professional" bit, allow me to give you some advice: know what every little knob 'n dial does to your sounds. It really helps to actually know what you're doing to your sound to make improvements. Good luck in music making, man! It's a really fun hobby :-)

Enjoyed, and not just because you told me to!

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

lol im glad!

Cool. The melody sounds strangely familiar to me for some reason. Is this an original?

ChaotixMachine responds:


It's got lots of personality, I like it. And short songs are really good for web-based games because they don't take up a lot of memory, so more memory can be used on the actual game itself. Good job.

Genraltweet responds:

You're perfectly right! :D

Dude, this is awesome! Please keep making more songs like this. This kind of sound would be perfect for my games. Thanks for uploading, and I definitely will check out your songs from now on. :D

MadMath responds:

Hey man, thanks a bunch ! I had the chance to compose some music for videogames, but never to have a song selected by a programmer. I'll be very happy if this song was used in a videogame ;)

Yep, this is good. Very melodic.

ThatJohnnyGuy responds:

thanks :)

It doesn't sound bad to me, actually I like it. But then, I make a lot of crappy songs myself, so my opinion might not count as much as others, XD. I like the drums and I think the rhythm guitar sounds great. Overall it has a great impending doom metal sound to it. It just seems a bit weak on the technical aspect in places, as you mentioned. But thanks for uploading, it has inspired me to finally put new strings on my guitar and attempt to make a heavy metal song of my own (is that possible in GarageBand? I'm gonna find out, I guess).

Cheers! :)

Great start, I look forward to hearing it when it's finished.
q| o o |p
\ . U /

Acidicfriend responds:

thank you :D

and thanks for being the first person to comment on a post of mine !

Awesome song!

LunyAlex responds:

Thanks a lot!

Amateur music arranger/producer since 2013. Video game, cinematic, trance, DnB, ambient, and experimental are genres I produce these days.

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