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Wow, I love this song! You did an amazing job with this. Keep it up! :D

I like this. Unexpected, full of variety and fun to listen to, and it even loops very nicely. Good job.

edman3d responds:

thanks mang <3

I like it. It's relaxing and eerie with a sense of mystery. I can definitely imagine it in a game where the character is roaming through a dungeon. You kept it short, which is good for internet games because it's less time to download, and yet it doesn't seem too repetitive like many short loops can be. Good work! :)

rainheart666787 responds:

Thank you dude! :-)

I really enjoyed listening to this. It has a lot of variety and is never boring. The melodies and the beat all sound great to me. I kind of got the sense of a journey across the cosmos, like a journey to other worlds, but my imagination can be kind of strange sometimes.

Very happy and playful music. It makes me want to go hang out in a hut... or maybe go to Pizza Hut. Man, now I'm hungry, darn it! :)

I like it. It is good. Good job. Enough said.

It sounds pretty good. I like the melodies and the beat, and even though it is kind of repetitive, somehow it doesn't really get old to listen to. But I think too much tremolo/pan was used. Listening with headphones, It makes me feel a bit dizzy from all of the panning going on, especially in the first 20 seconds. Aside from the tremolo, it seems like the sound is too heavy on the left. I wish everything was more centered for a better balance and less tremolo. That's just my thoughts, though. I hope you don't mind my review. Good job.

Drunk people come up with some awesome lyrics:

"We are just... going crazy.
This is how it is... keeping it groovy... keeping it groovy.
Don't uh burn anyone in Earth... wanna learn... aarrrggghhh!!...
Nothing else, right to nothing else, more like new shoes, new rattling... shhh, shhh, shhh...
And I can't hear the place on... owww!!...
My... rope's been cut...
Ow, fee side blade... rowwrrrr!!...
Net it! Screw it! Let it burrrnnnnn out...
Love fires... make me shield... burning...
Mmmmm, mmmm. Mmmmm, mmmm, mmm, mmm.
All the carnage... man on re-out... can't save me from my past...
Whenever it turd-a--lurds...
I feel every stinking thing...
And there goes my left foot.
Just tell me Treevy, oh I know I'm not gonna grow.
I will learn something or everything.
There goes my elbow...
I'll be all elllllllllllllllllllllll-all-leading me to drown me...
Into everything I don't believe in, I can not see anything...
Anvils on him won't be sick, leap on owwww.... hah!
There she goes! Your'e a slay... you know I can't be...
I know, I can play, I can't play the king machine...
I'll take all the blame, as Kurt Cobain, as... OK.
What's... all of the uhhhh.... what's with the world, make me feel the same?
What's new, I feel... slowing... to the screen.
Ohhhhh... ohhhhh... ohhhhhhhh... ohhhhhhhh...
I've gone in...
Ohhhh... ohhhh....
Miserable lies.... of my car washing...
(Unintangible, barking, moaning, someone call an exorcist!)..."

This was very entertaining. Thanks for sharing your drunken vocals and jamming with us! :D

mastias responds:

That was quite the feat and deserves an applause!
Many more to come very soon

I really like the beat and the melody. My favorite part is the ascending arpeggio from 0:22 to 0:24. I expected to hear another arpeggio after that, perhaps descending to balance out that part of the song a bit more. But it's a really interesting loop you have for only 33 seconds, and would work great for a retro style game. Good job! :D

Cadrean responds:

That was one thing I noticed before even submitting, but I wasn't able to recreate something that would fit. If I had that would probably have been the deciding factor for making into something longer (2 minutes or so).

Thanks for the feedback!

very nice

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