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Wow, this song rocks. The rapping through the second part of the intro seems a bit out of place to me, but the rest of the song sounds really good. I like the melodies that are thrown in as well, it kind of reminds me of Linkin Park who I really like. Good job!

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks for the feedback! Linkin Park is an inspiration. :)

This song is beautiful and moving! I can see it being used at the ending scene of a game where the hero has rescued the princess and has brought her back to her family's castle. They secretly share a forbidden love between them, but he is a commoner and she is royalty and destined to marry a prince for whom she has no feelings. So the hero gets on his horse and rides off with his buried feelings as she watches from high up out of her castle window and then sadly returns to her royal duties. The castle and village life is returned to normal, but no one knows the secret bond these two are destined to share forever. Bittersweet.

larrylarrybb responds:

Wow! You should make that a game on Newgrounds haha

Very pleasant and easy to listen to. It would work great for a lot of games. Great job!

CeeeX responds:

Ah here's the first review I've gotten. I'm glad you liked it ^^

The drums sound fantastic in this song! I guess you have conquered them :)

MetalRenard responds:

^-^ <3

Aww, baby goes night-night. Sweet :)

Really great song. I don't hear what sounds 70s about it. I like it a lot, so I guess that means I like 70s music too. I never knew! : )

Wilhiemthe2nd responds:

Thanks! I didn't see the 70s-ness myself really.

Great stuff! I like the "monk humming" (I'm not sure what the correct term is) throughout a lot of the song. And it's great how the drums speed up with lots of double bass pedal at 1:13. It's a very dynamic and melodic song with a sense of evil rising.

I love the solo stuff the organ is doing throughout the song. The only thing I can find to complain about is that I'm not much into the solo groove at the following places in the song:
1:43 to 1:49
2:43 to 2:49
2:55 to 3:01
To me, it just seems a bit out of place with the rest of the song. I know Dream Theater inspires a lot of your work. I love Dream Theater too, but I have the same problem with a lot of their songs where the solo/melody just changes to something that to me seems a bit weird and stands out for attention drawing away from the rest of the song. But that's just my view, and I know there are a lot of Dream Theater fans out there, so sorry for nitpicking.

Awesome song, I love it! :D

Wilhiemthe2nd responds:

Thank you very much!
The proper term is Choir. :P

Though, personally I like that solo groove, it serves as a good buffer to the Chorus, and build for the ending. But hey, to each their own. ;)
And yes, Dream Theater is a major influence, but theres not much in the DT department here. No Odd time signatures, a standard song arrangement, having the song shorter than 10 minutes... XD

This song is beautiful and definitely cinematic. I love it! The only reason why I'm giving it 4.5 stars instead of 5 is because the transition from powerful back to peaceful at around 1:05 to 1:07 seems a bit awkward. I think cutting the powerful part suddenly and then drawing back into the peaceful can work well for this song if it is done in a more dramatic way, for example, by adding a drum on that last note rather than just a stop on the guitar. The way it is, you can hear the reverb effect from the guitar once it cuts off, and that just doesn't sound quite right. Just my thought though. To me the rest of the song sounds perfect, and it would definitely make for a great theme song to an emotionally charged movie. Well done!

One of my new favorites, btw

LunyAlex responds:

Thank you very much. It means a lot. I'll definitely take a look at that transition, try to smooth things out a bit.

I really like the way the strings build up in the song, and the intro that begins at 0:33 and builds is really cool. This song has an ambience with a sense of solitude and combined anxiety feel to it. It's great, but the ending does come a bit abruptly. Still, it's one of my new favorites. Great job!

Really good song. 5 stars.

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